Administrative Appeals Tribunal Service Provider in Thomastown

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) is a Federal Government organisation that provides an independent review of an extensive range of administrative decisions made by Australian Government agencies and ministers. This includes decisions made about social security, taxation, veterans’ affairs, child support and more importantly, immigration. The AAT is not a court, but it is similar to one in many ways. For example, both the AAT and courts follow rules of procedure and evidence. The AAT is bound by the law but can also make decisions based on what it considers to be appropriate and fair in the situation of each case. The AAT’s role is to provide an accessible, informal and inexpensive way to resolve disputes between individuals and Government agencies.

If you’re dissatisfied with a conclusion made by a government agency, or more specifically immigration services, you can appeal with the AAT. The AAT will then review the decision and decide whether or not to uphold it. This is a free service that helps you understand the reasons for the decision and whether it was fair. If you’re looking for an AAT service provider in Thomastown, Visalink Solutions is one of the best consultants. We offer high-quality services that deal with issues related to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal act.

Besides this, our team of migration consultants primarily provide visa services to people who wish to migrate to Australia. So whether you are looking for AAT appeal services, an Australian spouse visa, a student visa, a business innovation visa, or skilled permanent visas, we can help you.

What services does the Administrative Appeals Tribunal provide?

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) provides an independent review of a wide range of administrative decisions made by the Australian Government ministers, agencies and tribunals. The AAT also has jurisdiction to hear appeals on refugee and protection visa decisions. However, it does not have the power to review court decisions. The AAT can review decisions relating to:

  • Australian citizenship
  • Border control
  • Centrelink payments and child support
  • Veterans’ affairs
  • Workplace relations and discrimination

An AAT appeal can be related to Freedom of Information (FOI) decisions made by Australian Government agencies. If you wish to appeal, please get in touch with us for the best support.

Visa Services Offered by Our Migration Agents

In addition to AAT appeals, we also provide a wide range of visa consultancy services. We can help you apply for any one of the various Australian visas. The type of visa that you will need depends on your circumstances, what you wish to do in the country, and your eligibility. Visalink Solutions can provide you assistance with the following visas:
  • Student visa – International students can study, work and live in Australia if they have valid immigration student visas.
  • Business visa – The right business visa services can help you legally establish, invest, and conduct business in Australia without hindrance.
  • Partner visa – With this de facto visa, your partner or spouse can live and work in Australia so long as you both meet the eligibility requirements.
  • Skilled visa – Skilled workers can migrate to Australia and contribute to the economy with the help of skilled visas.
  • Visitor visa – This is the type of visa required by individuals who wish to visit Australia for tourism or medical treatment.
  • Temporary visa – Several visas fall under this category, all of which allow entry and temporary residence in the country for a fixed period.
  • Work visa – These visas grant individuals the right to live and work in Australia. They may be either temporary or permanent visas.
  • Temporary protection visa – A temporary protection visa allows refugees escaping persecution to seek asylum in Australia.
  • Family visa – Family members of Australian citizens, permanent residency holders or eligible New Zealand citizens can use these visas to visit or even move to Australia permanently if they meet all the requirements.

Why Choose Visalink Solutions?

At Visalink Solutions, we have the best migration agents who can help you submit a complete Australian visa application to ensure swift resolution. Our employees have extensive knowledge that will guide you through all stages of the process. We are one of the most reliable migration consultants in Thomastown and offer premium services to make this process hassle-free for you. The team will see to it that you receive the right visa for your needs.

We always adhere to Australian immigration laws and regulations as well as the ensuing privacy policies to keep your data safe. You will also receive regular updates about your application, from start to finish. If you require help with an AAT appeal or any Australian visas like parent visas, business visas, etc., please get in touch with us. You can call us on either of these two numbers – (03) 9574 2770/0412 275 958, or simply email us at

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