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Visalink Solutions was established to genuinely provide professional assistance with migration. We are here to make your migration easy and facilitate faster approvals. Whether you are looking for a business visa, partner visa, student visa or skilled visa, our migration consultants in Dandenong specialise in providing customised, comprehensive and high-quality visa services to all of our clients.

We have educational and migration agents who can provide complete guidance on the application processes and documentation required. This is how we have established ourselves as one of the most renowned and reliable visa immigration consultants. We will work to the best of our abilities and help you get your visa without any hassle.

Types of Visas Our Migration Consultants Cater to

We completely understand the fact that migrating to a new country across the globe is indeed a challenge. This is why we do not want to complicate any process related to your visa or Administrative Appeals Tribunal case. Our personalised approach will take care of all your specific requirements efficiently. We cater to the following visa types based on your eligibility and specific needs.

  • Student visa – An immigration student visa is best for students who wish to study, work and live in Australia.
  • Business visa – Individuals can legally conduct, invest or manage business activities in Australia with this visa.
  • Partner visa – A de facto visa or an Australian spouse visa allows the partner or spouse of an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen to live in Australia, either temporarily or permanently.
  • Skilled visa – Skilled individuals can relocate to Australia with this visa for an eligible job with an approved employer.
  • Visitor visa – This is a non-immigrant visa provided to people who wish to enter Australia for pleasure, tourism or medical treatment.
  • Temporary visa – Individuals with this visa can enter Australia for a fixed period to work.
  • Work visa – Holders of this visa are legally authorised to work in Australia.
  • Protection visa – A Temporary Protection Visa is issued to individuals fleeing persecution.
  • Family visa – This visa allows parents, children or any other family member to visit and stay in Australia legally.

Features Included in Our Visa Services

We are happy to mention that we have a very high success rate when it comes to visa approvals. Additionally, we provide excellent support when it comes to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal Act. This has enabled us to build a solid reputation that results in a large amount of repeated business. We offer endless benefits as part of our services so that you receive the most satisfying experience. Services we provide include:

  • Online as well as an office consultation
  • Complete information on documentation
  • Eligibility assessment for various visas
  • Customised immigration and migration strategies
  • Management of the visa approval process
  • Assistance with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal
  • Communication with other third parties on behalf of the client
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Why Choose Visalink Solutions?

We want to assure you that your search for the best Australian migration and immigration services ends with us. At Visalink Solutions, we have the best migration consultants who can deliver the most extraordinary support whenever you ask for business visa services, skilled permanent visas, AAT appeals or anything related to your visa. We understand that visa processing is a complicated journey that requires the assistance of experienced and trained professionals. Being one of the most reliable and top-ranked consultants in Dandenong, we offer high-quality skill visa services and other support that can make this procedure easy for you.  But what makes us better than others?

  • Quick approvals – As a leading global travel visa service in Dandenong, we have unrivalled capabilities to obtain visas for individuals worldwide as fast as possible, and conveniently.
  • Team of expert agents – We are a renowned service provider for secure visas. Our professional consultants utilise their experience to ensure you always get the right documents.
  • Easy and secure services – Besides adhering to complicated legislation and regulations, we ensure the safeguarding of your personal data while applying for your visa. We oversee every step so that there are no mistakes.

In case you need any help, please get in touch with us. Call us on (03) 9574 2770/0412 275 958 or email us at Our team is here to help you navigate through the migration maze.

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